Advanced analytics for investors is nothing new but the data used has been limited to market performance metrics. In this exclusive interview led by behavioral technologist Alison McCauley with Jason Schenker, financial futurist and Jon Cohen, SurveyMonkey's Chief Research Officer, we'll discuss the trend of survey powered data and how consumer feelings and opinions are used to drive investment decisions.

Join leaders from New York's top Hedge Funds, VCs, Private Equity Firms and Asset Managers on June 3rd in an uncut interview on Survey Data and its intersection with Investment Decisions.


WED, JUNE 3, 2020  | 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET

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"Personalization will become a priority for marketers, pre-empting the current focus on putting buyers into demographic or psychographic “buckets.”

"Hyper-targeting will take off. Organizations will need to use all data points to engage a specific individual in an action and do so under a value-based approach that makes that person feel good about the interaction."

"Customer experience will become vital to success in retail. Retailers must give customers a memorable experience to draw them into the store."

I like the debates and how organically some people went to extremes to make a point.
 Laura Perticaro

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Uncut with Alison McCauley...

Alison McCauley best selling author and Forbes contributor who writes on the intersection of human behavior and emerging technology leads this conversation with Jason Schenker, world's leading financial futurist and Jon Cohen, Chief Research Officer from SurveyMonkey.

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World's Leading Financial Futurist & Best selling author

Jason Schenker

Fireside with

CEO of Unblocked, emerging technology futurist and forbes contributing writer.

Alison McCauley

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Jon brings years of research and data expertise to SurveyMonkey's data, as well as strategic direction for future innovations. Previously, he was Vice President of Research at the Pew Research Center. As Director of Polling and Polling Editor, he also led The Washington Post’s polling operation through two presidential campaigns and four congressional cycles, as well as numerous gubernatorial and mayoral elections. Prior to the Post, he was a polling expert at ABC News and the Public Policy Institute of California.

Consumer Insights by Jon Cohen, Chief Research Officer of SurveyMonkey