THU, OCT 8, 2020  | 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM CEST

The way you think determines the way you work. So, if you want to transform your business, you need to transform the way you think. Find out how building a 'process mindset' forms the foundation for your company's agility, in this exclusive webcast with Terry Jones who disrupted the travel industry when he founded Travelocity.

Join us and learn:

  • How to finally accelerate digital transformation and change agility in your organization
  • Why process orientation and Customer Excellence are key and what should be part of your toolkit
  • How to establish a process mindset and capability throughout the enterprise


THU, OCT 8, 2020

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM CEST

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60+ CMOs and Marketing leaders join the thought provoking audience and engage in our live CMOonline platform.

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This 30 minute investment is curated from years of insight and experience from CMOs walking the line of Financial Strategies.

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Uncut predictions from Top San Francisco based CMOs make this both vital and close to home. 

Are you a CMO psychic?

CMOs aren't born with this gift, it takes a career on the frontlines of Marketing Strategy to master the art of predicting trends ahead of the curve.

If you've tenured a career leading Marketing you're already equipped with the roadmap and experience it takes to navigate unmapped consumer behavior, so step up and take 1 of 3 seats on the CMOonline Predictions Panel where your crystal ball awaits!

"Personalization will become a priority for marketers, pre-empting the current focus on putting buyers into demographic or psychographic “buckets.”

"Hyper-targeting will take off. Organizations will need to use all data points to engage a specific individual in an action and do so under a value-based approach that makes that person feel good about the interaction."

"Customer experience will become vital to success in retail. Retailers must give customers a memorable experience to draw them into the store."

I like the debates and how organically some people went to extremes to make a point.
 Laura Perticaro

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The Conversation Starts Here


a CXOonline fireside

with the founder of Travelocity and founding Chairman of Kayak, Terry Jones. 

A CXOs guide to building a 'process mindset'

STEP 1: Click to be 1 of 3 Panelists

STEP 2: Live on CMOonline make your Marketing Prediction

STEP 3: Our live audience of CMOs & Marketing strategists vote crowning one the #ITpsychic

Uncut with Alison McCauley...

Alison McCauley best selling author and Forbes contributor who writes on the intersection of human behavior and emerging technology leads this conversation with Daniel Bobroff, Founder of Coded Futures, keynote speaker & advisor.

Founder of Coded Futures, keynote speaker & advisor

Daniel Bobroff 

Fireside with

CEO of Unblocked, emerging technology futurist and forbes contributing writer.

Alison McCauley

Interview by

former CEO of Eurostar, Sainbury's Bank and Vision UK

Hamish Taylor

Fireside with

Terry Jones

Founder of Travelocity and founding Chairman of 

Joseph Wolfgram

Retired IT Executive, Fractional CTO and Futurist

Ron Agam

Chief Product Officer, Signavio

Joseph Wolfgram, Retired IT Executive (CIO/CTO/EVP) from healthcare, universities and global non-profit institutions will dive into this fireside chat by exploring the impact and need for Digital Transformation with Terry Jones & Ron Agam. Terry, a Digital Disruptor, Author and Venture Capitalist. Throughout Terry’s 30+ years in IT, Terry has founded five startups, served on seventeen corporate boards and currently provides companies with the tools and techniques that he’s developed to keep up with this rapidly changing world. Ron Agam is Signavio’s Chief Product Officer who uses his wealth of skills in product management, innovation, strategy, and marketing to craft business strategies and product roadmaps.